Blue Smoke: KC vs. Texas Ribs

My favorite ribs place in NYC is Rack ‘n Soul, but it’s 9pm, and we weren’t about to go to Harlem, so we went to Blue Smoke.

I really like their Kansas City ribs, which are sweet and tangy as advertised, but most of all, really tender and moist. Sometimes you need a little fat! I also like their Texas ribs which pack the most punch with the peppery dry rub.

Kansas City


The verdict was pretty obvious by the end:

There was a KC rib carcass pile too, but it was much smaller.

Cupcake of the month – Blueberry cheesecake. the cupcake was FILLED with fresh blueberry jam, and the frosting was cheesecake.

After that meal I just want to go into hibernation… btw if you go, you should probably just stick to the ribs and dessert. The sides are subpar. Only get them if you really need something else to munch on.

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