Turkey Meatballs in Soup

I wanted something filling and soothing after the disastrous dinner last night, and my bf wanted protein, so I decided to make turkey meatball soup!

In my opinion, when you make meatballs in soup – unless your meatballs are made of fish – you must pan fry them first! They taste *so much* better. It leaves a nice crispy crust and smoked flavor that contrasts well with soft noodles/vegetables and light soup.

The meatballs were made with turkey, garlic, minced onion, parsley, corn starch, egg, olive oil, salt, pepper, and (because I ran out of tomato paste) ketchup.
I browned the meatballs on all sides, and then simmered them with onions and carrots for about 15 minutes before putting the penne in. I added the parsley at the very end just to give it some color and brighten up the soup.
Although real chicken stock is always better, I used a bouillon cube. I think for something like this where I’m adding a lot of additional flavors, the bouillon cube tastes fine and is a lot more efficient.
And then after dinner, for dessert, I had some of this delicious Barcelona bar.
I opened it… and I thought I was going to meet Willy Wonka.
But I got a 15% off coupon! Not bad. I hope I didn’t eat one by accident in the past. I’ve had so many of these bars and I’ve never gotten one before!

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