Adult Drunk Pizza

It all started last night when I noticed that my bf had forgotten his keys. I had finished reading and was already half asleep. I did not want to leave the front door open while showering (I grew up in Detroit – I’m paranoid), but I did not know when my bf would get home and didn’t want to risk him waiting outside for 30 minutes. I asked him for an ETA so I could shower, but got an invitation instead.

“Everyone’s here!”
“Who’s everyone!”
It was a difficult decision, but he sounded like he wanted to party, so I threw on a black and pistachio dress and some lipstick and cabbed it to MePa.

Partying on borrowed youth has its consequences. The cookies I had for lunch probably did for my body what water would do for a car in lieu of gas.

Needless to say, neither of us wanted to cook or even walk to get food. I don’t even think my bf wanted to eat, but as you might have inferred from the name of my blog, I had no choice.

Whole Foods is on the way home, and their pizza line looked short. I got this chicken bacon ranch pizza on whole wheat, which wasn’t half bad. All it needed was a little Sriracha.

My bf got the mozzarella and sausage pizza on the left, which he quite liked, and I got a tiny sliver of the mushroom and arugula pizza on the right. It was a little plain, but I had no complaints.

It turned out to be the most expensive fast food ever, but at least I think we were eating mostly real meat and vegetables.

I wanted to cook us some steamed egg soup, but we only had one egg… which I just remembered that I forgot to put in the tang yuan soup we had for dessert (doh!). Previous blog entry about tang yuan here.

I’d better go to bed before someone gets hurt.

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