Dining in – French Toast and Nachos

Today I mostly sat back and relaxed as my boyfriend made my brunch and dinner. (So lucky! I know 🙂 )

He made french toast with chocolate cherry bread, and these little Japanese breakfast sausages are THE BEST. Unfortunately I wasn’t awake to take a picture of the packet. I’ll do that the next time I go to Sunrise Mart. The savory/salty/spicy sausages were great paired with the sweet and buttery french toast. I didn’t even need any syrup because the bread was already quite sweet.

Haha what a weird sausage.

For dinner, he made me these insane nachos with green chips, beef, chicken, horseradish and chive havarti, spicy sauce…. and avocado, tomatoes, red peppers, olives, and lettuce. We actually almost finished it all after a grueling hour of leg exercises at the gym. We ate like animals and didn’t speak for almost half an hour.

I think that’ll be enough fuel to get us through Monday morning…

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