New Wonjo Restaurant

We were around K-town, and wanted to try a new K-town restaurant. New Wonjo was chosen on Yelp reviews. The food was pretty good, but the ambiance was possibly dangerous. We sat downstairs…

Next to this interesting thing. I don’t know what was in it, but it sure didn’t look like the restaurant needed it much. Maybe it was a really old fire extinguisher… but that wouldn’t make me feel any safer.

The banchan was above average: kimchi, sliced hotdogs (??), some really old vegetable that looked like grass but tasted like chives, mushrooms, potato salad, and on the far right, tofu and pickled radishes.

We found out that the best part about the banchan was that they gave you refills. Except for the tofu and the mushrooms, which were my favorites. Oh well. We ate the hot dogs to be polite and the refills came all too soon.

I got the galbi tang, which was short rib soup in clear broth.

Someone came and furiously cut the meat off the bone.

I really liked the soup… I really need to learn to make it. The vermicelli, eggs, and turnips on the bottom were good as well. But overall, I think this is a dish that I can learn to make at home with practice.

My bf got this soondubu jjigae beef and tofu spicy soup. The soup was almost tangy. He thought it was great and started dipping my short ribs in it, but I found the soup a little overwhelming. It tasted too much like a bowl of kimchi.

Their seafood pajeon was better than any pajeon I’ve ever made! It was so cripy on the edges and soft in the middle! I could eat an entire pancake if it were the only thing that I ordered. I think it was fried in peanut oil.

They served us this chilled dessert soup at the end. It was very sweet and almost tasted like edong makgeolli (fermented rice soup), but had a distinctly herbal aftertaste. It was a great palate cleanser.

I’ll end my post with this.

Of all the weird stuff lying around, why wouldn’t they use this one? What a shame. Maybe all the taps already have flags on them.

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