Udon at home

We weren’t going to make Udon noodles… but we made everything else.

This may look simple, but that soup was a convoluted work of love, and that egg was overcooked as a result of too much love for the tempura. The soup was the usual udon soup… the only problem is that it’s one of those things that I don’t cook very often, so it seemed rather annoying to boil dried konbu and bonito flakes in a rather precise fashion and then simmer it with soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and green onions.

The soup was delicious and tasted the same as any good restaurant, but it tasted so much more complex because I had to work for it.

Broccoli, eggplant, and sweet potato tempura. I don’t have a proper fryer, and I hate wasting oil, so I fried these 3 pieces at a time in a tiny but tall pot. They were all delicious though!!

This might look strange and disgusting, but it was the best thing that we’ve cooked in a microwave that I remember. It’s eel from a plastic bag. Shabu shabu just seemed too pedestrian at the time. After a quick zapping, it tasted like the stuff that I pay $15 for sometimes over rice. Oh wait… this cost $17… but it was at least twice as much! Maybe even 3x! I don’t know because I gulped it down too fast. Thank god they don’t sell these pre-warmed.

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