ZOMFG Chicken Burgers

ZOH.M.F.G. These were so good that I ate 50% more than I was supposed to, and now I’m in horrible pain. Between the over eating and the exercise, I’m literally incapacitated.

After eating this chicken burger, I’m going to have a hard time paying $15 for a chicken burger ever again…. or even going out to eat a chicken burger ever again.

My story started with the leftover broccoli.

I was told to cook it. So I did. Then I got bored picking at it, so I went into the kitchen to see what other leftovers could be cooked.

But they were all gone, because my bf had sliced the leftover olives and shishito peppers and mushed them into the leftover chicken.

Suspicious looking. I know. But I encourage experimentation.

Shortly afterwards, he called me over to test if something was cooked.

It was a little dry, but it was very well seasoned and had a nice kick from the cayenne.

We prepared a pretzel baguette and some of that horse radish and chive havarti…

In the meantime, he worked on a new cooking method for the patties

And he figured out a way to trap in the moisture.

And holy chicken patty. They were mouth-watering-ly good.

They were *so* good, that it somehow gave him super billiards powers, and I nearly got destroyed in one turn.

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