Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird just opened in Tribeca!! It’s a fried chicken place that boasts double fried chicken (what does that even mean?).

We had to test it out. This wasn’t our first visit, but the first time that I had my phone.

It’s a pretty tiny place. The seating is literally in the hall way!

Chicken fingers were about as skinny as human fingers… but oh my were they tender! The BBQ sauce was good, but I would have liked it a little more sour. No matter. There’s a giant bottle of vinegar sitting at every table.

I don’t know why kale is suddenly so popular, but I guess they sauteed it in garlic reasonably well. It also makes me feel slightly better about this dinner… no it actually just helps as one of the strongest palette cleansers ever. I would have gotten the mac and cheese if it had looked better!

Lord, I have been unhealthy. the skin was well seasoned and crisp. The skin had a nice crunch that crumbled in a way that KFC does not. It’s also a lot less batter. That’s a piece of corn bread in the back. I thought it was too oily, but some people like it. Yes you know who you are, eating mutilated corn.

I was impressed that the massive chicken breast was as tender and moist as the tiny little wings.

I think this is becoming one of our favorite back up dinner places. Just to make myself feel better, we got some fruits for dessert. Because you know, that’s going to counteract all the delicious frying oil!

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