Hill Country

Listen all you non-New Yorkers. Hill Country is spreading, so this might be pertinent to you too.

Hill Country is a BBQ joint with live music, wooden furniture, and a giant smoker. Despite the Texan everything (There is a massive star hanging over the entrance and guitars everywhere), I believe the restaurant was actually started in NY. But the only overtly NY trait is unfortunately the prices.

See those giant metal things in the back? I think they’re smokers… in any case, that’s where the meat comes from.

You walk in, and they give you a little pamphlet with all the foods, and then you walk around and order meat by the pound. The servers then stick a bar code onto your pamphlet so the cashier can scan what you ate on the way out. It’s all very psychological you see – can’t have sticker shock looking at a bar code.

I’ve had everything there. Here are some highlights:

Moist brisket: 7/10 – it’s not actually *that moist*, but it’s good slathered with sauce
Not-as-moist-brisket (don’t remember the formal name) 4/10 – don’t get it
Chicken: 6/10 – too dry – go to Eataly nearby
Ribs: 7/10 – pretty good, but once again you need all the sauces.
JALAPENO AND CHEESE SAUSAGE (pictured above): 10/10 – worth the trip alone. Also better with sauces, but you don’t need it.

Their sides are pretty good as well. They come in the sizes: good eatin’, heapin’ helpin’, and feed your family. You can see the orange cups. Everything including the appetite must really be bigger in Texas, because the sizes are more like: for sharin’, only thing you’re eatin’, and feed your family for a week.

Yum! sweet potato, pinto beans, collard greens, and green bean casserole.

They have the best green bean casserole. The green beans are not overcooked at all, and it’s covered in mushroomy creamy goodness. I also like the crunchy fried onions on top! They’re all mixed in there so you get a surprise crunch every bite.

This was obviously not our entire meal, but if you were to have an entire meal there, it’s fun to visit when there’s live music downstairs, and take it slow. Try out the different meats since it’s by the pound, slather on the sauces, and don’t forget the red velvet cupcake!!

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