Lobster Linguine

While we were in Maine, we only found one place with a satisfactory photo of lobster pasta. But instead of going there, we chose to go to Bresca, which I do not doubt was the right choice. Since we’ve been back, I’ve been craving some lobster pasta, so here goes:

2 live lobsters were rushed home from Chinatown.

The second one was rather feisty, so I decided to leave the rubber bands on. I cooked them whole to preserve the goo in their heads for my sauce.
Lobster takes about 8 minutes, and so does linguine, so I put them in at around the same time.
I simmered some onion, garlic, and canned tomato in a big pan full of butter.

The 2nd one was female! Careful to shake out all the excess water, I dumped the nasty looking green tomalley in the head into the pan with the veggies. They have the strongest lobster taste, and after you cook it, no one would notice. And then I ripped off the big claws and cut the bodies/tails in half. I ripped off the swimmerets on tails as well, because they’re going to get thrown out anyway… they’re just going to suck up sauce for no reason.
Then again, I’m only leaving the tail shell on for visual effect…
In the pan, I whisked in about a cup of half and half (trying to keep it healthier), about 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese, and lots of cracked pepper. At this point I had completely forgotten that I bought parsley for this dish… oops. But clearly when I taste tested the sauce, I didn’t think that I needed it.

Dinner is served! During dinner, I cracked apart the claws over a bowl and threw them into the pasta. This is pretty hard work, but well worth it!! The pasta was al dente, and the pasta sauce was rich and lobstery. We also had a lemon which we used separately because we will never agree on the acidity of our seafood.
Evidence of a good meal? Carnage.

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