Gumbo with Andouille Sausage!

It’s no secret that we love some good ole southern food, especially when it’s freezing outside.

This is the way we like our gumbo! nice and goopey. My bf was the cook again because a) he’s the gumbo guy, and b) I’ve been really freaking out of it lately.

I prefer andouille sausage over all other types of meat for gumbo. I wanted it nice and crispy on the outside, and I didn’t have an open fire, so I broiled it until the outside was charred and smokey.

As the sous chef, I diced the okra and carrots.

He then added everything to a delicious soup, in the order of: water, stock, whatever spices you want, okra, carrots, rice, onions, and at the very very end, the charred sausage.

We had lots of arborio rice because I went nuts on Amazon one day, and I must say it’s the best stewing rice ever. It keeps its shape while soaking in lots of flavor.

He cooked it down until it was rather soupless. At this point the gluten in the rice and whatever it is from the okra has make the sauce extremely thick.

The end result was rustic and delicious with just the right amount of spice. Although I wouldn’t be blogging that if I had eaten any of the hidden dried chilies whole…

I think the trick to this dish is really the right rice, right protein, good stock, and putting all the ingredients in at the right time/in the right order so that nothing over or under cooks.

And then he had the brilliant idea of adding eggs, which really elevated the gumbo to addictiveness!

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