Before my bf became famous for making chicken burgers, he made ribs. He was supposed to write a guest post about his methods, but as I suspected, it was too much to ask. That’s like asking me to go to the gym and then blog about it.

He marinated the ribs with a mix of bbq sauce, spices, and god knows what. He used a nice thick wet rub and left it in the oven to cook on low heat for 6 hours.

In the mean time, he made caramelized pear and walnut salad, and I made spinach and garlic mashed potatoes.

He also made some New Orleans BBQ shrimp over grits… but someone forgot to document it. Since it has 30-something ingredients and is the only recipe affixed to the refrigerator, I think it deserves its own post.

He flipped the ribs once, and finished it off 30 minutes before serving with a honey mixture.

Since these were St. Louis ribs, they had lots of cartilage. After 6 hours, the cartilage were nice and soft.

So good. I love chewing on the cartilage. I can skip my calcium pills then! Oh and also after cooking for so long in sauce and its own fat, the meat was also extremely tender. Those are shrimp tail shells at the top of the picture.

This meal was paired with about 1 bottle of wine per person and a crazy game night, so if I missed anything… it’s because I had too much fun and forgot.

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