Yellowtail Jalapeño at home

One of the great things about Sunrise Mart is that they have all the ingredients for yellowtail jalapeno in one place.

Nobu never serves enough… who eats only 6 slices?!

All you need is the following:

yellowtail (duh)

jalapeno (duh again)

garlic – I’m quite sure that a lot of imitation restaurants miss this ingredient. It does change the flavor subtly. If you sit at the bar, you will see the sushi chefs at Nobu dipping their fingers in a small jar of minced garlic and dabbing it onto the sliced fish.

sauce. it should be yuzu soy, which is approximately 2:1 yuzu and soy, but I like my sauce a little heavier on the yuzu. Yuzu is a tiny (and expensive) citrus fruit, and the sauce is sold in tiny and somewhat pricy bottles.

Last but not least, you need a good knife.

The piece of hamachi (yellowtail) that I got was a little large.

No one was around to help me make a video, but you should try to cut the fish with one smooth knife stroke. You can also hold it even against the knife with your knuckles.

I like my fish 1-1.5mm thick. I then press it against a pile of minced garlic before plating. This jalapeno turned out to be larger and spicier than I thought.

The sauce is sprinkled on top. It looks a little dark here on the dark plate…

So good… even though I accidentally rubbed some jalapeno into my eye….

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