Dosateria in Whole Foods

Whole Foods has a lot of pre-cooked foods, most of which is overpriced and unimpressive. For a while they had a sushi bar that made some of the worse sushi I’ve ever had. Luckily Darwinism (or capitalism) won out and they were replaced by Dosateria which is an Indian crepes place.

Looks promising. They have a buy 2 get 1 free promotion for most afternoons and weekends, so that’s 3 massive Indian crepes for ~$25

Turns out that they make the crepes from scratch! Also promising. They also have no consideration for vegetarians… meat and potatoes are warmed up on the same grill. They do eventually scooch the meat to one side though.

The crepes are huge!! I guess they don’t know how to properly close them… but that means more filling!

“The Classic” comes with sambal soup. The crepe is filled with delicious curry potatoes. They leave the  hot peppers in, and it got a little too spicy for me. The crepes were actually quite delicious by themselves.

“Jai Ho” is a spinach and veggie crepe. It didn’t have nearly as much spinach as I wanted and way too much veggies. It was still good though. There was a thin layer of cheese on the bottom.

“The Bollywood” is filled with spicy chicken meatballs. The meatballs are very well seasoned, but a tad dry. The guacamole sauce tasted a little strange.. there was definitely non-avocado filler in there.

Overall I think it makes for a good take out meal. Since the closest Indian restaurant got us sick and we will probably never go there again, this is not a bad substitute until we get our lazy butts to Tamarind, which is not so far away.

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