Milos: Greek food, Greek service

When I walked into Milos, I was transported by the hustle and bustle of people chatting and the clinking of glasses; the smell of Mediterranean herbs, olives, and capers; and the curvy plates, some white and some in a wavy clear pattern against blocks of white tablecloths…. perhaps an abstract interpretation of the white walls of Santorini?

And then I reached the hostess. After providing the details of our reservation, we were led to a private party upstairs where I recognized no one. By the time I turned around, the hostess had already abandoned us.
A team of 3 leisurely flipped through some books, asked if there were other possible names for the reservation, and finally concluded that there was incidentally a table for 8 under the original name that I gave them where there were 2 empty chairs. Thank goodness their bookkeeping had little social impact.
We started off with delicious bread and all sorts of hummus and yogurt spreads.
I insisted that we get the octopus that the restaurant’s known for. It was okay. The octopus was too gummy.
One jumbo shrimp! It was very fresh.
Zucchini chips. They were about the same as Avra, but were more artfully stacked as a cylinder with the dipping cream in the middle.
Calamari was incredibly fresh, but not very well seasoned. The server distributed the calamari but not the sauce! I think this is around when someone showed up and dumped red wine into my friend’s white wine. He was very apologetic and replaced it with a fresh bottle of white.

Grilled veggies and fish. By no fault of Milos, the fish were dry. I don’t think most fish are meant to be cooked on the grill. The flavors, however, were well infused and delightful.
Salad. I felt less health conscious after the eggplant. Skip!
Lobster salad. Best entree we had here. the salad was light, citrusy, and fresh. The lobster was possibly over the regulation size.
Fried dough balls were amazing! It tastes as if they were fried and then dipped/coated in a hot syrup, so that when they arrived at the table, the sugar coating had hardened into a slightly hard shell. They didn’t stick to each other though.
Baklava, walnut cake, and custard in phyllo dough. They were all pretty good, but none of them stood out as much as the dough balls.
Overall the food is pretty good. It’s what you would expect from a good Mediterranean restaurant. The lobster and dough balls were a head above the rest.
The ambiance was as fun as our mid-dinner show (courtesy of another table)
This is what I think of the service:
But why worry! When in a Greek restaurant…

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