Not your average take-out with Liberty View

Liberty View makes a very average duck, but you can turn that into something much more interesting.

I don’t normally eat like this, but my body is exhausted from fighting off the virulent cocktail of the flu and sudden stomach illnesses. I’m pretty sure that I ate an unnatural amount of Purell today.

My point is, even takeout can be made interesting with a little tweaking.

Here’s the very average duck. It comes with your usual sliced cucumbers and green onions, wrappers, and sauce. When a Peking duck is cooked correctly, air is pumped into the space between the skin and the meat so that the skin is all crispy, and the meat soft and moist. I have no idea what the process is here, but Liberty View gets the gist of it.

They also have a spicy tendon appetizer, which is just nice soft cartilage in spicy oil. If you’ve never had this and think it’s disgusting… well that’s too sad, but you can be creative and find something else that serves the same purpose.

Chinese Take-out Assemble! Notice the last step. As Iron Man or the green Power Ranger makes a show worth watching, the spicy tendon makes this a dinner worth eating.

We also got some chow fun on the side for no particular reason.

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