Lamb with winter vegetables

My bf has gotten to be quite the good cook. Here’s how he made our lamb with winter vegetables dinner.

Butternut squash is chopped into cubes and tossed in some melted butter and brown sugar. And then it’s baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

In the meantime….

The Icelandic lamb loins (which is why they’re so little) is seasoned and tenderly massaged so that the seasoning gets into the folds of fat and muscle.

A kitchen tool I cannot cook without: the garlic press. It saves so much time.

Since it’s winter, it’s important to buy things that grow in the winter, because it probably means that it didn’t have to cross continents to arrive at your local grocery store. Oh but the carrots are French? But the little ones taste so much sweeter!

The meat’s seared seared until brown (couple minutes) on each side, and then baked in the oven at 375 degrees. I left the squash in the oven this whole time. There’s no reason the meat and squash can’t share!

While the meat’s baking in the oven, the veggies are simmering in wine, and all that delicious fat from the meat.

When the internal temperature is at 145 degrees, the lamb is done. You must let the meat rest for a few minutes so that the delicious juices redistribute!

And everything is ready to be served at the same time!! the meat is perfectly cooked. It’s a little closer to medium at 145 degrees, but it is evenly cooked and pink on the inside. Slight pressure oozes out a little blood. You can adjust the time and temperature to get to the rareness/doneness that you want. The heavy red meat and winter vegetables are hearty enough to prepare us for the next blizzard!

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