My Boo Spices Up My Life… and my intestines

I’ve been rather busy lately, so my bf has been taking over some cooking. I don’t know when or how it happened, but he’s become quite the chef.

Day 1:

We had bbq wings. I didn’t take photos because I ate it too fast.

Day 2: Curry!

Apparently you can buy the simmer sauce in a jar at Whole Foods, and you just have to remember to add all the ingredients in the proper order (carrots long before everything else, chicken, onions, peppers, peas)

Day 3: Coconut shrimp tacos

I forgot to take a picture with the tacos! Disaster!

We had some extra shrimp, which we ate over Texas toast.

Day 4:

And on Friday he made a multi-course feast… because I was busy prepping for the weekend!

Really freaking spicy but great shrimp. We were torn over sucking on the sauce and not paying for it with a crying and coughing fit.

The Whole Foods looked like people were preparing for a snowstorm apocalypse, so we couldn’t even get our hands on any ginger to make 3 cups chicken. Instead we had this very similar improvised oven version.

It all came together with a steaming hot bowl of noodles in beef broth.

Not so bad for a snowstorm lockdown. It was fun watching my boo cook as usual (though it makes him nervous) but it’s not like I had a blizzard to look at or anything. It’s just slush out there. Where are the giant snowflakes and foot of snow?!

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