Sushi Yasuda. Savor the sushi as quickly as you can

Sushi Yasuda has great sushi… and it’s all sushi.

First of all, I don’t read fish hieroglyphs. Sushi Yasuda is marked by a picture of a fish on a thin strip of lit awning. As far as I could see (which was not very far in the rain), there was no name or identifying lettering anywhere. I had to squint at the articles in the window to confirm that I was indeed at the correct restaurant.

Sake! I wonder how long it took them to get the sake into such a small opening?

Seaweed salad 5/10: Although I enjoyed trying different types of seaweed, and the plate screamed elegance, the seaweeds were not that good. My stomach is more discerning than your neighborhood aquarium.

Flash frozen tuna 6.5/10: I liked it at the time because it was crunchy and fried, but thinking back on it, I feel like it tasted too much like chicken. The seasoning was good but masked the taste of the fish.

From left to right, top to bottom: 2x spanish mackerel, razor clam, uni, 2x king salmon, 2x white king salmon, 2x red snapper (kinme), 2x silver salmon, 2x regular tuna, 2x fluke, 4x toro

9/10: The uni and toro were a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Insane. I could eat more, but I was getting rather full. At least a few times the fish was so good, that we were able to close our eyes and shut out all sounds and other senses and just savor the fish.

I took a point off because as it will become apparent that someone lied.

Tamago 8/10: It was okay. It was good, but not mind boggling.

Chawanmushi 3/10: I didn’t even take a picture because it was awful. It didn’t have any taste, it has some air bubbles so it wasn’t silken, and there were weird clots of food inside.

Don’t get the chawanmushi. It makes me so sad.

From top to bottom, left to right: rainbow trout, arctic char, king salmon. As you can see from this picture vs. the picture above, either our first waitress lied or our second waitress lied. I think it’s probably the first one who mixed silver salmon and king salmon.

But anyway, all three were good. At this point, we were too distracted by the fact that they were pushing us to eat the fish and order dessert or maybe order dessert before we eat the fish. If we hadn’t ordered dessert, we would have gotten our coats delivered to our table.

Green tea and red bean mochi 7/10: They were really good, but someone overdusted the green tea mochi with matcha and it was a little too bitter. I also don’t like the high friction of the matcha when the ice cream and mochi are supposed to be soft and forgiving. It’s like putting sandpaper on a pillow.

Overall the service was bipolar. The politeness was more than offset by the aggressive schedule. They pretty much told us to finish some courses because others were on the way. …And we were not there for long.

When you visit ONLY ORDER SUSHI. I don’t see the merit of anything else. Okay… sushi and sake. That’s enough to make a meal.

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