Ichabod’s Tavern

Excuse my sudden hiatus. I took a few bad pictures, had a few bad nights, and now I have fallen many restaurants and even more days behind. But do not worry, March is teeing up to be one heck of a culinary journey, and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Tonight I went to Ichabod’s Tavern. There are many places in New York like Ichabod’s. It could have distinguished itself with a headless horseman, but it did not. In any case, the dinner was short and sweet.

Broiled oysters with parmesan and stuff. Cheese overpowered the oysters. It’s a pass.

Mushroom toast. It was good, but the mushrooms were overly creamy. It probably has more fat than one would think!

Squash dumplings. Big winner. The squash was deliciously seasoned, the dumpling skins were like a thinner version of ravioli. It has more water content and bounce than pasta skin. The fried bay leaves, warm roasted nuts, and truffle oil were great additions.

Tuna tartare with chips. Pretty standard.

Duck leg. They served literally one. But I was quite full from appetizers, so I didn’t throw a fit. The duck came hot enough to cook my fellow diner’s fish. the polenta was delicious. The duck had great flavor, but was a little dry… probably from being lit on fire.

Although it looks like a melting disaster, this apple and caramel dessert was actually quite good. I was never a fan of pie crust, and was a little worried that this dish would lack balance without a dry ingredient. But it’s great on its own. Who needs pie crust!

This was brilliant. Ice cream, peanuts, and caramel topped with toasted marshmallows. When people tell me that they’re going to give me toasted marshmallows in my dessert, I find it hard to believe. It’s almost always under-toasted! But Ichabod’s must have held those marshmallows to the skin of the duck because it was beautifully browned and gooey. I had to use my newly cleaned teeth to scrape the sticky residue off my spoon. What a great way to end the meal.

Fair warning – I only have a few more light and fun places to visit this month before we visit some of the best restaurants in NYC. I went to a pretty nice one last week but my camera ran out of battery… oops.

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