Ye Olde Tavern Manchester, VT

Olde it was, but Tavern it was not. The Ye Olde Tavern was set in a beautiful colonial house. The entrance was narrow, and each of the rooms were decorated slightly differently – cream tablecloths instead of white, and maybe red flowers instead of yellow. It felt much more formal than we expected, except that everyone sat next to mountains of ski gear.

The Pegu: Gin, Cointreau, and lime juice. I wasn’t driving.

Cranberry fritters with maple syrup butter: 7/10 They were a little heavy, but the maple syrup butter was so good, and had such a lightness to the taste, that I was more eating the butter with fritters than the fritters with butter.

Venison sausage in raspberry sauce 9/10: The sauce wasn’t too sweet, and who doesn’t love a hearty Vermont sausage? The meat was on the gamier side, but it fit the whole rustic country theme.

Lobster Mac and Cheese: 6.8/10 This was not quite a 7 because the pasta was slightly overcooked penne… suboptimal. But the cheese and lobster were better incorporated than some of the places that we went to in Maine. The flower was a pretty touch but was very out of place…

Prime rib: 6.8/10 Nothing was wrong with this dish… but the meat was just cut a little too thickly, and it  wasn’t seasoned quite enough. Maybe I’ve just had too much Lawry’s. Also what’s up with the tiny slivers of golden beats and snap peas?!

Ye Olde Tavern was a nice homey restaurant. The dinners were a pleasant break away from fast food and waffles, but overall, it was nothing too amazing. We’ve been to a few local joints (such as the Hatchery) that has pretty good food, but we haven’t found a great dinner place in Manchester Vermont yet! The search continues the next time we ski there… probably in a few years.

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