Dimes make dishes for skinny twig b*tches.

I don’t have anything against skinny people. I’m just quoting the movie “Pitch Perfect.” This hipster hotspot is oddly wedged in the middle of Chinatown. Within view are a bunch of unidentified food places and the bottom side of the ramp to the Manhattan Bridge, where the lamb cart lives (used to live?).

Most of the food look something like this:

Photo Aug 17, 12 49 45 PMTheir muesli is delicious with perfectly cooked oats and just enough fruit. But if you’re not a fan of things that have the consistency of baby food, I would get either the breakfast sandwich or the breakfast taco.

Photo Aug 17, 12 50 03 PMEverything was perfectly cooked and delicious… but this is absolutely something I can make at home in about 15 minutes. But alas we must live in the moment. I have to admit┬áthat I don’t have that specific sauce, but the additional flavoring is worth dimes.

Dimes is also known for their acai bowls, which I guess is good if you like acai bowls. I’m not sure why someone would eat sugarless sorbet with really hard seeds sprinkled on top. I would rather eat a bowl of seeds/nuts, or a bowl of real ice cream.

The color is pretty though.

Photo Aug 17, 12 49 47 PM

Overall, if you’re skinny and love to eat skinny, you would love this place. If you want a big ole steak, you’re not going to find it here. But the good thing is, if you want meat, you have the rest of Chinatown to choose from.


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