Best. Creamed Corn. Ever

Dear Thomas Keller,

When I went to Per Se, I thought everything that you ever told me (through Youtube videos and what not) was a lie. After your famous oysters and pearls dish, it all went downhill. The meal was finally too much to take when I found out that most of the chocolate truffles are thrown away. I was skeptical at first about getting your cookbook, but I’m easily swayed by anonymous reviews on Amazon and poorly cited websites that rank things. If only for this recipe alone, I thank you. This not only inspires me to eat corn until I turn yellow (oh wait I already am) and burst from the seams, but also attempt your other recipes that look ludicrous and inimitable.



For this amazing recipe, you will need…

5 ears of corn

1/3 stick of butter

salt and pepper to taste

something with which to puree the corn



Corn – oh those tiny bursts of sweet starchy flavor. How I loved you since growing up in the midwest.

Photo Oct 11, 6 51 04 PM

I’ve grilled corn, boiled corn, but I’ve never had to cut the kernels off while it’s still raw. I have no idea how to do it. I watched a video of someone doing it horizontally as in cutting down while the corn is place flat on the cutting board like above. that wasn’t very easy.

Photo Oct 11, 6 53 29 PM

It made a mess and I had to cut it 20 times. In found it much easier to snap the corn in half, and stand it up like a tower and cut vertically. That way it was easier for me to find the core with my knife and follow along.

Photo Oct 11, 6 59 01 PM

Good thing the first 2 corns will be pureed. Those were the practice cut kernels.

Photo Oct 11, 7 01 09 PM

Once you turned the corn into mush, and you might need to add a tablespoon or 2 of water to do so, you pour it into a strainer that has been placed over a bowl to let the corn water drip out. We will be using the water, and tossing the fibrous mush.

In the mean time, cut the kernels off the other 3 ears of raw corn, and boil some water with a few pinches of salt.

You want to blanch the kernels by dumping them into the boiling water for a minute, or in my case, I dumped the boiling water over my kernels and stirred.

Photo Oct 11, 7 26 11 PM

You want to remove the dregs as the float up. I found this much easier with a mini strainer than a spoon. Since I wasn’t very good to cutting corn, I had a ton of these hard shell bits.

Photo Oct 11, 7 29 06 PM

But look at how much cleaner my later cutting got!

Anyway, so now that you’ve ladled out the hard corn stuff that gets stuck in your teeth, you can pour out the water, and pour the blanched kernels onto a paper towel to dry.

Photo Oct 11, 9 15 48 PM

After about 30 minutes, I stirred my mush, and it looked pretty well drained. I had collected 1/3-1/2 cup of corn water. I haven’t come up with any good uses for the mush, so at the moment it is padding my trash.

Photo Oct 11, 8 59 24 PM

You heat the corn water on medium heat while whisking. You don’t have to be fast and furious and tire yourself out, but you do need to be vigilant. There is corn starch in that water, which will naturally thicken the sauce. Do not let it boil! It will curdle!! Some bubbles are okay. This takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how much you want to reduce the sauce by.

Photo Oct 11, 9 08 16 PM

Once thickened, add the 1/3 stick of butter. You can add less, but the more butter, the creamier.

And then all you do is dump in the blanched corn that is now somewhat dry and season with salt and pepper to taste!

Photo Oct 11, 9 12 35 PM


I ended up putting this on the bottom of my duck roulade, but I would absolutely eat this by itself.

Photo Oct 11, 9 29 05 PM


I am definitely going to make this for Thanksgiving and maybe also Christmas. It’s so easy and somewhat healthy too!

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