Bowery Meat Co.

Hello dear readers, I want to alert you to a new and exciting restaurant opening…

Bowery Meat Co. just started their soft opening in the Lower East Side. It was founded by a bunch of men who clearly loved meat, and did not like the label of “steakhouse.” It’s okay. I don’t like that label either. It usually means poorly cooked broccoli and lack of appetizers.

When I saw this menu, I nearly drowned in a pool of my own spit at my desk.

Soft openings are usually a little shaky on the service, but this wasn’t too bad, and they were offering a 20% discount on entrees. However, they did not have their duck lasagna that night (I scared the waiter with my *gasp*), which was disappointing. It just means that we have to go back, and I”ll have to update this post.

I didn’t take pictures of the drinks here, but we had almost every cocktail on the menu, and they were in a range of sweet and really quite heavy… and all delicious. I would give you recommendations, but 7 drinks later, I had no idea which one was which.

Photo Nov 07, 10 34 34 PM

Some kind of cured meat 7/10: It was a little spicy for me, but my date loved it. I think it was duck sausage actually…

Photo Nov 07, 10 50 04 PM

Kushi oysters with jalapeño salsa, and Blue Soleil oysters with pineapple salsa. 9/10: Very creative dressing for the oysters. I loved that they really picked out nice specimens and cleaned them properly. the vinegary salsas did not overcome the flavor of the oysters. I think restaurants should do this more often, because the paired flavors are so nice, and you lose the crispness of the fresh oyster if you only do flavored pairings with cooked shellfish!

Photo Nov 07, 10 49 59 PM

Steak tartare: 8/10 lovely well seasoned steak tartare. I didn’t like the char at the corners of my toast, and I wish that the tartare were just a tiny bit coarser. This almost spread too well.

Photo Nov 07, 11 15 07 PMSpaghetti with lemon ricotta 7/10: My favorite part was the lemony ricotta. The pasta itself was perfectly cooked, but there was no wow factor.

Photo Nov 07, 11 15 02 PM

Photo Nov 07, 11 18 03 PM

Filet Mignon on the bone with sides of mashed potatoes and spinach 8/10: Even though it wasn’t a “steakhouse”, we had to get steak! The quality of the meat was quite good. I really just wanted some lean filet, and lean filet, we got. I can’t pinpoint what was exactly stand out about this dish. I want to say that it went well with the last 4 cocktails.

Photo Nov 08, 12 16 40 AM

Lemon souffle with raspberry sauce 10/10: YUM.

I’ll let you know when I get to that duck lasagna. I’m going back soon!

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