Off Duty Joe’s Jeans

Everyone knows that pants are made by the devil.

Okay that might have been an overstatement, but I’m convinced that pants were made for riding horses, and it should have stayed that way. If guys could wear skirts without being publicly shamed into a mental institution, they would.

But sometimes we don’t want to feel the breeze. We compromise between freedom and hygiene with tights and leggings.

Photo Nov 09, 3 17 45 PM

Joe’s Jeans is a brand that has already been on the rise, but their new Off Duty line of leggings is taking this brand to the stratosphere. Literally. These leggings are lighting up the internet. They come at $120 a pop, so they’re not cheap, but you’re going to wear them ALL THE TIME.

They come in a variety of patterns on stretchy comfortable fabric. The designer is spot on with fun patterns that are wearable, matchable, and totally chic.

Photo Nov 15, 1 52 37 PM

Releve leggings are shimmery and copper. It’s a little thinner than most of the other ones.

Photo Nov 11, 1 18 38 PM

Jete comes in red and black. Love them.

Photo Nov 15, 9 49 52 PM

Photo Nov 15, 9 49 57 PM

My favorite is the pirouette pants that look like leather when photographed, but do not carry the burden of cost or care.

Photo Nov 14, 10 21 27 PM

I really wanted all of them, but I was advised that I should start off with 3 in case they fall apart in the wash or something. I haven’t washed them yet mostly because they come from a place called “Joe’s Jeans” which makes me think that they don’t need to be washed. Well I guess I’ll update this post if things go awry.

Check them out here!

This is proof that I find things other than food.

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