Root & Bone

The East Village has been the host of so many new hip restaurants lately. Root and Bone was started by a pretty blond smiling couple with sideways hair. Some say that they now have the best fried chicken in New York City. Well now, I gotta try that fried chicken!!

Photo Aug 09, 5 38 31 PM

The decorations were quaint. The people were slow but friendly. The space was small but open with a window-wall that looks out onto the street. The ambiance was perfect. We had ordered almost every appetizer on the menu, the much hyped chicken, and some other southern dishes. It was all perfect… until the first dish arrived

What you are about to see was recorded in the order in which it happened.

Photo Aug 09, 5 48 03 PM

Whaaaat?! Is this an amuse bouche of shrimp and grits?!

Shrimp and grits: 7/10 I quite loved it except for the giant scallions. Later on, I checked other reviews, and it seems to be a conscious decision, and not because our sous chef was incredibly tired.

Photo Aug 09, 5 48 11 PMWaffle fries sucked 1/10. Not salted, cut way too big, the fries won’t even dip in the mysterious gravy like sauce, and where the f are the appetizers?

Photo Aug 09, 5 50 35 PM

I’m going have to be honest now and tell you that these photos are from another SEASON. I have no clue what this is. Must not be very memorable, but I do have vaguely pleasant memories of it…

Photo Aug 09, 5 53 01 PM

Corn bread 8/10: Oh yay!! Our first course has arrived third. The jam and clotted cream were excellent. Corn bread was perfect.

Photo Aug 09, 5 53 04 PM

Corn 1/10: Inedible. The grilled corn was dried out. I don’t like popcorn (I know I know get over it), and the giant peruvian corn looks like they’re supposed to be giant soft kernels of juiciness, but it was closer to biting into a PVC pipe.

Photo Aug 09, 5 55 21 PM

Deviled eggs 8/10: Delicious! Why are they pink? I have no idea?! did they dyed the egg white with beet juice? In any case, it was extremely well seasoned and pretty.

Photo Aug 09, 5 55 26 PM

Peach salad 7/10: The peaches were succulent, and the sweetness of the grilled peach was very well balanced with the basaltic vinaigrette. It was a nice palate cleanser after the grits.

Photo Aug 09, 5 56 59 PM

Biscuits and gravy 6/10: One might expect this to come with the corn bread. Loved the gravy, biscuits were a little stiff.

Photo Aug 09, 6 01 28 PM

As you can kind of see from this photo, we were running out of space, and they had to practically balance the chicken and waffles on my boyfriend’s sister’s lap. You can see the clotted cream from the upper right hand corner… we were only a few minutes into the corn bread!! FIVE dishes ago! it is as if the front of the kitchen exploded onto our table.

Chicken and waffles 7.5/10: This is supposed to the defining dish of the restaurant. It was very good, but I thought the waffles were too thick relative to the size of the chicken. I didn’t like the American cheese, and I’m not into the really hard waffle edges. Overall I did like the dish but I think I was upset that I was eating out of my lap.

Photo Aug 09, 6 30 08 PM

I went for a walk to chill out and found a bar with bones around the corner!

Photo Aug 09, 6 40 18 PM

Mint chocolate chip ice cream pie 10/10: The ends don’t justify the means, but a really great dessert does mollify the situation. They might as well start with this. If you’re going to do entree/app/bread/app/salad/app, you might as well shove dessert in the front.

Photo Aug 09, 6 49 02 PM

After the delicious dessert, I slipped into a food coma. I watched the birds nests hanging over my head until someone noticed that we needed 5 dishes packed.

Overall I think this is a really nice little restaurant, and if it weren’t so incredibly crowded with wait times like “3 hours to maybe never” then I would love to drop by and have a bite. But I am just appalled that people who clearly take such time and pride in designing their restaurant space and dishes allow for such messy service. Everything was done with a smile, but it just doesn’t make any sense. I’m not from the south so if you told me that shrimp and grits are a soup, I would have bought it, but it was listed under “large plates.”

The lack of cohesiveness in the meal is disappointing, but everything else was quite lovely. (also don’t order the waffle fries or the corn y’all.)

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