Uni’s back at Cull and Pistol!

Cull and Pistol is a classic. It is the restaurant connected to The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market. Because it’s not swimming with dead fish, it is mostly ignored by the tourists. I hate to write about this quiet little oasis because I’m afraid that I will make matters worse for myself, but it has some standout dishes… which I’ll write about another time.

What’s important, is that they started serving their Santa Barbara Uni again. For $21 they will clean and cut open a fresh uni, and serve it to you with some radish.

Photo Nov 02, 12 34 30 PM

I probably went way over my daily cholesterol budget, but this is *heaven*. There are 5 pieces of meat (no it’s not actually meat, but it’s the part that you eat) that are gigantic compared to what you get at a sushi restaurant. Every uni tastes different, but mine was so light and sweet. I would savor the soft buttery flavor on my tongue for minutes.. really as long as possible after each bite. So good.

They also serve this next door, but your experience might be sullied by the smell of raw fish and people’s armpits, the din and bright lights.

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