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ABC Home and Carpet is where you go if you want to turn your home into a mythical wonderland (and you have money to spare). Inside the fancy furniture and trinket store, is ABC Kitchen, a relaxed American dining restaurant that regularly hosts celebrities.

Photo Nov 22, 7 04 34 PM

It’s always fun people watch. This time, we saw Danny Devito!

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Crab toast 10/10: whoever first came up with a slab of meat on top of a slab of bread is a genius. But there’s something about that meat being crab. It’s light and flavorful. The dollop of sauce adds a nice creaminess to the dish. And look at how much crab there was! No fillers here.

Photo Nov 22, 7 26 36 PM

Ricotta with cranberry compote 6/10: I love my ricotta pure. if you want to sprinkle some honey or nuts or fruit on top, that’s fine, but this compote was overpowering. Some nuts and berries would make this an excellent dessert, but an appetizer it does not make.

Photo Nov 22, 7 28 12 PM

Chicken and pork sausage 8/10: Hearty and delicious. I could snack on this and the little potatoes all day. But who serves a dish – even if it’s only an appetizer – with only one sausage?! We had to chop it into 4 pieces… how violent and sad.

Photo Nov 22, 7 29 23 PMTuna sashimi 9/10: Excellent fresh tuna, which is somewhat unexpected in a non-sushi restaurant. The sweet and tangy miso based sauce and chives paired well with the slightly fatty tuna.

Photo Nov 22, 7 37 25 PMShaved fluke with olives, lemon, and chilis 9/10: Another very fresh and vibrant fish dish! I didn’t even come here to eat fish! Normally I find fluke very boring, but the fluke carried the flavors well.

Photo Nov 22, 8 22 13 PMFried chicken with hot sauce butter and collard greens 9/10: The skin was crisp, the chicken came out warm and juicy and tender. It almost tastes as if they cooked the skin separately, but it was very well attached to the meat. At the first cut, clear chicken juices oozed out. It was just amazing.

Photo Nov 22, 8 22 21 PMCrispy pork confit with braised turnips 6/10: The turnips were actually killer, but the pork was a little dry. The flavors weren’t anything special.

Photo Nov 22, 8 22 30 PMReally really blended mashed potatoes 6/10: I don’t know what happened here but they were super mashed, and it was heavy.

Photo Nov 22, 8 22 34 PMGrilled lobster 8/10: It was surprisingly not overcooked like most grilled lobsters. I don’t like this preparation in general though. But as you can see we ate a bunch before I remembered to take a picture.

Photo Nov 22, 8 22 51 PMMushroom, parmesan, oregano, and farm egg pizza 9.5/10: This pizza is just decadent. For something like $40 per gram you get someone to shave white truffle on top, but the pizza is quite good as is. This just makes me want to steal the whole pie and go hide in a hole with a bottle of wine and hog it all for myself.

We were stuffed at this point, so I could not hide the whole thing in my stomach. The next morning, the pizza was very salty! I don’t know what happened, but every time I have this pizza, I LOVE it. so 9.5 it is.

Photo Nov 22, 9 19 46 PMI want to say this is an apple spice cake, but that doesn’t seem to be on the menu. 7/10

Photo Nov 22, 9 20 28 PM

Assorted donuts 7/10

Photo Nov 22, 9 20 02 PM

Sundae with salted caramel ice cream, candied peanuts and popcorn 9.5/10: This dessert is super fun to eat. I don’t normally like popcorn but I love the crunchy bits with the fudge and the ice cream in this dish. Did I say my regular stomach was out of space? because my dessert stomach made space for this, and it was very happy.

Photo Nov 22, 9 20 19 PM


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