Cha-An Tea House

What’s better than having tea with friends on a cold Sunday afternoon? Having tea at Cha-An Tea House.

I could not make these scrumptious desserts at home, and their range of tea is far more than I have space in my tiny New York apartment to carry.

I first went here on my birthday when I decided that I wanted an all-dessert dinner. It didn’t feel very good, but it didn’t stop me from coming back over and over again.

Here are just a few highlights.

Photo Oct 04, 8 33 40 PM

Cha-An toast. After about 8 hours of research, I decided that they make their own Hokkaido milk bread, and then they lightly toast it in an oven before brushing it with some condensed milk and putting all those goodies on top. They also have a savory version with salmon. YUM.

Photo Oct 04, 8 33 35 PM

They love putting little mochi balls and matcha ice cream and whipped red bean paste in everything. I’m starting to think that I need to put these things on everything too. I’m just frustrated that these are not condiments that I keep in my fridge.

Photo Oct 04, 8 33 46 PM Black sesame custard. There are versions of this in a number of top notch Japanese restaurants. I’m not sure who came up with it first, but all I know is that this tastes as good as any other version at a lower price. The custard is the texture of creme brûlée, and the flavor of black sesame is delivered in a creamy smooth texture. The really hard wafer on top adds some texture to the dish.

Photo Oct 04, 8 27 24 PM

Delicious green tea drink that is full of sugar and matcha tea goodness. I also got a hot version… because winter is coming.

Despite the weather being rather cold, we went to Snow Days afterwards, which has edible flavored slow. Also delicious. They have color changing spoons of my middle school days…. back when I lived in a place where the snow was so clean that it was edible. But back in my day the snow definitely didn’t come with oreos and peanut butter sauce.

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