Things to watch 2015

Due to a catastrophic failure of my phone, I am not doing the “best of 2014” post… because the photos are GONE FOREVER INTO THE ETHER

So I will instead look forward into the future.

Things that I’m excited about:

Snowdays with its color changing spoons! Fluffy shaved desserts for everyone!!

Yes this photo is gone, but imagine a giant mound of flavored snow with fudge or concentrated milk on top! Move over Pinkberry and pastries! This place is going to be *killer* when the weather gets warmer, so if you want to get in on the action, we have plenty of freezing cold days coming when the line might be shorter.

Stroopwafels in your local grocery store!

I no longer have to ask friends to bring these back for me from Germany. They are thin cookie-like wafers with a super thin creamy layer of caramel. It’s just so well balanced, and you won’t feel as guilty afterwards as after eating a whoopie pie, which is soooo 2011.

More real Asian food all around the city:


Kang HoDong Baekjeong

New Mission Chinese

And let’s not forget about the old classics!


Fashion: I predict the return of puffy clothes and color blocking, and the phasing out of flower patterns and crop tops. Bags will get smaller and lighter, and shoes will get blockier.

DIY is going to get a new look where people actually show you how to DIY instead of photos on Pinterest and deceptive concoctions that look better than they function.

Food: We are witnessing the end of the prix fixe domination. It is becoming more and more onerous to sit for hours in order to experience something fun and new. More restaurants will be offering a la carte. I hope for more tapas type dishes and half portions on menus.

A few things that might be more prevalent? Avocado and egg combos for breakfast. Fresh seafood served in the shell. Mochi flour in non-traditionally-Asian dishes. More leafy greens. More offals.

Lambrusco is coming. Sparkling reds are a thing; watch out for them on a wine menu near you. Also all the local wine menus that added sancerre are ready to graduate to vouvray and meursault.

Entertainment: Marvel will have to slow down the barrage of superhero movies. We’re all going a little deaf, and are ready for another super long and cheesy drama. Bring on the next Titanic or Gladiator. It is time.

We’re all a little tired of so much death on TV. I hope in 2015 we will have the next big sitcom.

Reality TV will continue to be big. I don’t think this gig is up yet.

Trends: More personalized stuff for everyone! With 3-D printing and online data storage, we should all have personalized clothes, mugs, pens, utensils, etc if we want them, and they are only getting easier to make. Look at what Rebecca Minkoff has done with her salon. It is getting cheaper for businesses to personalize, and there will always be demand from the consumer.

2015 is going to be super exciting! I can’t wait.

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