Whiplash is a low budget film about a boy who wanted to be the best drummer. He was noticed by a well known teacher who pushed him to his limits.

**** 5/5 stars. Please watch this movie.

This movie was brought to our attention because Kobe mentioned it in an interview, and it was nominated for best picture in the Academy Awards. I didn’t know how long I would be able to watch Peter from Divergent drum and sweat, but I did. for the entire length of the movie. with my fingers uncomfortably gripping the edge of the couch.

This movie is not made for the light of heart, and I’m not surprised that it didn’t win best picture. For a long time, people loved feel good happy stories, then realized that it was a complete abomination of reality. So since then, the new popular thing to do is to tell stories a little more like how we live them – sometimes a little unfinished, and all in all a little raw and ugly. But what is ugly? Ugly is still definable – Batman’s dark past or the Joker’s undeniable evilness. That is simply what people are comfortable with.

But what about a darkness that does not define the whole character; that’s not clinical; and is not borne from some external shock? Yeah people have trouble even understanding what I’m talking about. People hurt themselves all the time. Often times it’s in a sad passive way, but sometimes when you want something badly enough, you are willing to break your own soul for it. It’s a little Black Swan without using schizophrenia as the excuse. There is no pretty bow at the end, and it doesn’t skip over the hard parts of self doubt and masochism.

It’s a movie that’s uncomfortable unless you *are* the main character, Andrew. And maybe you are J.K. Simmons’s character, Fletcher, as well. So if you’re having a tough day, and the moment you have been working so hard for is as far away than ever. Then take a deep breath. Maybe this is the movie for you.

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