Javelina is a peccary or skunk pig. If you think the name is cute, check out this picture.

Photo Mar 12, 5 00 24 PM

This is basically a photo how the restaurant showed up in Flatiron. Right in the middle of Cosme’s rampage to bring high end Mexican cuisine to New York City, Javelina ripped into the classy buttoned up neighborhood with traditional Tex Mex. The restaurant is white hot and about to get hotter.

Photo Mar 12, 5 07 37 PM

First and foremost, they serve an avocado margarita. 8/10: I love avocados. I really don’t like tequila that much, but I drank this cocktail like food. It also went particularly well with…

Photo Mar 12, 6 12 08 PM

The Mag Mud: 8/10 it’s a bowl of cheese with black beans, and avocados. When you scoop up the cheese with the side of crunchy corn chips, it has just the right viscosity to coat the chip like the nacho dips of pipe dreams and commercials.

Photo Mar 15, 9 26 24 PM

Chips and Salsa 6.5/10: I had to include this because the chips and salsa were so simple but actually quite good.

Photo Mar 15, 9 36 27 PM

As far as drinks go, they have a few other margarita options… and I didn’t get to anything else. We got through the traditional and sangria: 5/10 and 7/10 respectively, and never made it to the strawberry.

Photo Mar 15, 9 41 03 PM

Guacamole 5/10: It as too salty for me

Photo Mar 15, 9 44 59 PM

The Bob Armstrong 9.5/10: This is almost a meal in itself. It’s a cheese bowl with spicy ground meat on top. It comes in white or yellow cheese. No I did not eat two cheese bowls in one sitting. Yes I know it should be yellow, but I like white cheese darn it.

The nachos here are served with brisket (and not ground meat) as it should be in true Tex Mex fashion, but we did not get around to that dish yet. I will update the blog if we try it.

Photo Mar 15, 10 11 23 PM

Enchiladas De Tejas 7/10: The aroma was intoxicating. It was a big pile of ooey gooey enchilada goodness. I don’t normally like enchiladas, but I liked this dish. The taco on top was nice and firm, and the sauce had just the right amount of picante.

Photo Mar 15, 10 11 38 PM

Pescado Cilantro 7/10: The fish was lightly battered and perfectly flakey. The delicacy of the fish was somewhat overpowered by the heavy cream sauce. I was hoping for something a little lighter and brighter.

We will definitely be going back, but reservations are going to be scarce, people. This restaurant has a great neighborhood feel, but unfortunately that means it will be booked solid during rush hour. I just found out that they are open for lunch on the weekdays, so if you are lucky and work in the area… go give it a try!

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