Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

Kayla Itsines is an Instagram phenomenon. She has over 2 million followers including models and celebrities.

The Australian native takes regular pictures of her perfect abs that look somehow the same every day, foods she eats, inspirational quotes, and most interestingly of all – transformations. The transformations aren’t from some magazine, but are from real Instagram accounts. You can go and stalk these people and see how they were actually not fit and now they are fit.

Her guides are only 12 weeks long, so I said to myself, why the heck not. I just finished my 12 weeks, and here is what I’ve learned.

To give you an idea of the guides, it’s 12 weeks long, split into 4 week sessions. Her guides give you 28-minute long (35 minutes if you include rest breaks) resistance training for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The cardio workouts are all power walking. there’s some sprinting in the last 4 weeks, but not much. Overall this workout is very kind to the joints.

How I motivated myself: I marked the weeks in my calendar. Also Kayla highly recommends BBG girls (her guide is called the Bikini Body Guide) to take progress pictures. Instead of doing every 4 weeks, I did every 6. That also helped.

Photo Dec 11, 1 24 28 PM

I said why not! I can do it #likeaboss.

The resistance training was supposed to be paired with a diet guide. Kayla does encourage eating grains and fat regularly. It’s all very well balanced, but the portions were too small, and really clean food is somewhat restrictive for me. Also if I followed such a healthy food regimen, this blog would cease to exist. I refuse to pay people to make me a bowl of fruit, and my posts would be one picture long.

Also if I started to eat so well, I think the love of my life would leave me, which would be sad. But if you really want to push yourself and slim down, I highly recommend following the nutrition guide. It is not that bad at all.

However, after starting the program, I cut down on alcohol to about 2 drinks per week, because even a couple of glasses of wine could affect my workouts for 2 full days.

Photo Mar 23, 5 58 46 PM

This is day one. Kayla posts this day publicly sometimes, and I think it’s the sample day that’s available on her website, so I hope I’m not stepping on any sensitive copyright toes. As you can see it’s not bad on its own. The point is that you try to do the left column as many times as possible for 7 minutes, and then rest for 60-90 seconds, and then do the first cycle again for 7 minutes, rest, do the 2nd cycle for 7 minutes, rest, 2nd cycle again. So if you’re motivated, you can try to push through each cycle 1.5-2 times (or more if you’re a beast), and it turns out to be a killer work out. By week 12, it would take me 4.5-5 minutes to finish a cycle but I would be so winded that I would not be able to squeeze in any extra workouts for the last 2 minutes.

After most work outs, I look something like this:

Photo Mar 23, 9 52 26 PM

This was after a particularly brutal leg day.

Every week, I felt quite good and accomplished. After all it took me 35-45 minutes a day. The cardio was also 35-45 minutes long. Who doesn’t have 45 minutes? My gym also happens to carry Kiehls, so I felt like I had to earn the right to pump that conditioner 5 times more than I would at home.

I printed out the ebook and would keep the week that I was working on in my gym bag. When I finished a set (weeks 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12), I would throw the crumpled sweaty sheet away, and it would feel so good.

In the end, it took me 14 weeks to finish. I had an injury week and a sick week. I injured my wrists doing something stupid and had to do hundreds of pushups on my fists until my knuckles were raw. I lost 0 pounds, but I have toned down everywhere. I lost probably a couple inches off my waist, and I’ve been told that I lost back fat, which is something that I did not know that I had!

Some mornings, I can even see an ab groove! My tummy used to have the smooth convexity of a watermelon. Yum.

I am so happy with the results, that I’m starting the regimen all over again. Kayla has published BBG2 for weeks 13-24, but I think I will cycle through the first 12 weeks again before moving on.

I highly recommend this program. Unless you go out of your way to sabotage your diet by eating more donuts and cake and drinking more than ever while doing this, you will most likely see results! Different people tone up and lose weight at different speeds. 12 weeks seems like a long commitment, but by cycling through different exercises and taking regular update photos (be careful with the cloud and leaving your phone unlocked, friends!) you can tell yourself to commit to 6 weeks first, and if it has no results, then you stop. But I saw results after 6 weeks, and that kept me going.

Here is a link to her website. http://www.kaylaitsines.com.au

I’ll update again after I’m done with the next 12 week cycle!

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