20 Minute Yakiudon

Many of you might think of Udon as the thick chewy noodle in udon soup, but it can also be served dry(ish) and sauteed.

Sometimes I’m in a jam for time, and I don’t have dashi stock lying around, so I opt for the faster dry version of udon. Last Thursday night, I clocked this recipe at 20 minutes, which is not bad starting from having to boil water!

The biggest cheats for fast recipes are pre-cooked meat and pre-sliced veggies. If you use both, this recipe would probably take no longer than 12 minutes.

Photo Jun 12, 5 23 49 PM

For sauce flavoring, I used mirin, soy sauce, salt, pepper, and 2 packets of miso from instant miso soup. I was running really low on ingredients, okay?

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My favorite premade udon is Sanuki frozen udon. It’s chewier and holds up better than the other brands I tried. I hate the dry udon stuff. Those noodles completely melt in the pot and become mush after 5 minutes of sitting around. I find the frozen kinds generally better than the refrigerated kinds.

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I also like me some bagged eel. I like this brand because it has no MSG. The annoying thing with this is that it needs to sit in hot water for 10 minutes. Between the boiling and sitting, it takes up about 14 minutes, which is most of the cooking time. You can speed this up by using a kettle to boil water or boiling hot water from the faucet, since your’e not drinking that water anyway.

Photo Jun 12, 5 23 56 PM

Despite the odd positioning of the cutting boards, this photo is not upside down. I could have bought pre-washed veggies. But I felt like challenging myself.

Step 1:

Boil water. 1 big pot for the eel, some kettle water for the noodles

Step 2:

Wash and chop veggies while you wait.

Photo Jun 12, 5 32 03 PM

Step 3:

When water boils, put the eel packet in the pot.

Pour hot water over udon noodles until they soften and separate from its rectangular shape. Drain and set aside. These noodles only take ONE MINUTE to cook!!! So you definitely don’t have to worry about it being raw. If you use a non-frozen kind that I have no idea… you’ll just have to follow the instructions on the box, my friend.

Photo Jun 12, 5 31 58 PM


Step 4: Sautee vegetables with salt and pepper until slightly wilted.

This all happened too fast and I did not get any photos. Sorry! Someday I’ll graduate to youtube videos…

Step 5: Put noodles, miso sauce, mirin, soy sauce in, stir and cook for about 1 minute.

Step 6: Assemble! Put the eel on top of the sauteed noodles and you’re done!

Photo Jun 12, 5 44 13 PM

I didn’t even bother cutting the eel. Why waste another 20 seconds?

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