Dreams of sausages shaped like squid

You know how in some Asian animation (or maybe in real life) the sausages are shaped like little squid?

Yes? No? Okay well I dreamt about it.

When you cook sausage, the casing contracts, and any cut flips open. We’re going to use this concept to make our little squids.

First, the sausage has to be delicious, or you’re not going to eat the end result.

Photo Jul 11, 9 46 39 AM

Yum. I mostly know this brand for their duck. but turns out they make pretty good sausage too.

Photo Jul 11, 9 46 43 AM

I only took out 2, because we’re also have focaccia, peaches, and steak for breakfast, and I wanted the sausage to be more of a snack.

Photo Jul 11, 9 47 33 AM


If your’e not deft with a knife, I recommend cutting the sausage into 3 pieces instead of 4.

Photo Jul 11, 9 48 22 AM

Score the flat sides into 8ths. If your’e not great with a knife, go with 6ths!

Photo Jul 11, 9 48 26 AM

I don’t know why I did this. You don’t need to spread the pieces at all. They flip open on their own!

Photo Jul 11, 9 56 15 AM

I like to boil first, because sausages tend to be really salty. This also gets rid of some of the excess oil.

Photo Jul 11, 9 59 39 AM

They are opening!!

Dump out all of the liquid when done. I left maybe half a tsp in the pot because I didn’t want to use a coriander.

Photo Jul 11, 10 01 20 AM

I had some delicious maple cream from my sister. Sweet and spicy tend to make a great combo. Most people don’t mind if their breakfast sausages fall into the maple syrup. amirite?

Photo Jul 11, 10 02 34 AM

Quickly stir in one teaspoon. Since I had a little water left, I had to keep the heat on to reduce it down. I stirred the maple syrup in while the stove was still on a low simmer, carefully scooping up the sugar water from the bottom and dumping it onto the sausages.

At this point, you realize that by cutting the sausages and having them fan out, it actually has some functionality! The higher surface area allows them to be coated with more sauce.

Photo Jul 11, 10 08 04 AM

The heat then puts a nice sear on the outside, and they turn deep red. As you can see from this picture, the syrup is all gone!

They are great snacks to munch on. If I had a big garden party, I might make this in a wok so that it’s faster to cover the sausages with a sweet sauce. Lots of sweet savory spicy sausages for everyone! And the tips are shaped like little squid lol.


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