Milk Bar’s Birthday Cake is the Best

…at least for now.

We were watching Masterchef, and during the 100th episode, the new judge, Christina Tosi, presented her famous birthday cake. We decided that it looked like da bomb and wanted to try it. Milk Bar only sells whole cake, so we got one.

Photo Jul 12, 8 53 46 PM

Boom. The first bite was like someone injecting sugar into my eye. It was amazing. Fireworks went off. I wanted to shove more cake into my face!! I did. For a few more bites. And then I hit a wall. I immediately went into sugar overdose and needed water desperately.

We packed the cake away, but then I continued to think about it pretty much every free second for the next two days. So three of us polished off a whole triple decker cake over the course of a week. That was about 2 months ago, and we’re still talking about it. We actually polished off almost an entire other cake since.

We thought about going to the class, but we weren’t sure how we could possibly finish THREE cakes after the class, and you only get to do the assembly, so I decided to roll up my sleeve and try out the official recipe, which is posted online.

There’s also an extremely helpful youtube video.

I am not into buying ingredients that I’m going to use once, so I decided to make some substitutions. I’m a simple girl, and I don’t need to present anyone a fancy cake, so I decided to go rustic and freeform cut the cake straight into my pyrex bowl. This is how it all went down.

Making the cake was as simple as pie… or cake, rather. It involved mixing things and watching beautiful chemistry happen. If you watched the video above, you would know that Christina is a huge proponent of using clear imitation vanilla. The recipe even explains why. Well, I don’t have the finances to buy clear vanilla when I already have the dark kind, so I used that.

Photo Jul 30, 6 56 25 PM

Photo Jul 30, 7 00 39 PM

Photo Jul 30, 7 12 41 PM

With all of the ingredients mixed in, the batter turned this bright white color! Magic.

I’m not really a baker, what can I say.

Photo Jul 30, 7 19 39 PM

I could only find red sprinkles. They taste the same, guys!

Photo Jul 30, 7 23 30 PM

While the cake was baking, I made the cake crumbs.

These crunchy sugar bits are the best part of the birthday cake. It adds texture, and are fun to find in the layers of frosting. It’s one of the components that make this cake one of the best things ever.

Photo Jul 30, 7 38 19 PM

I spared no ingredient. I plan on shoving every crumb onto my cake.

Photo Jul 30, 8 54 16 PM

Photo Jul 30, 9 05 09 PM

And here is the combo cream cheese and buttercream frosting. This frosting is just the right about sweet and savory. I am saving the recipe to use for future cupcakes!

Photo Jul 30, 8 14 28 PMPhoto Jul 30, 9 05 43 PM

Avengers, Assemble!

I have my sheet of cake, cake crumbs, frosting, and a milk and vanilla wash to soak the cake layers so that they stay nice and moist.

Here is where I’m supposed to have a round cutter and acetate to keep it nice and pretty, but you guys know me. I’m a MacGyver wannabe, and it was 100 degrees outside – much too hot to be running around looking for extra ingredients.

Photo Jul 30, 9 11 43 PM

I’m not going to be needing the pyrex bowl for a while. The layers are cake, wash, frosting, crumbs, frosting, cake, wash, etc…

Photo Jul 30, 9 11 48 PM

Photo Jul 30, 9 19 15 PM

Perhaps a little ghetto? But it tastes pretty close to the real deal. My cake was not as moist. I probably let it sit in the oven for 5-10 minutes too long, but my frosting and crumbs were great. My vanilla was bourbon flavored too. Although it colored everything a little brown, I’m not one to complain about the extra flavor.

Photo Jul 30, 10 13 16 PM

This cake can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months. This is going to be great to cut up and defrost on a random day when I want to treat myself to something nice.

Photo Jul 12, 8 53 44 PM

So it doesn’t look as pretty as this, and if you get all the ingredients from scratch, you probably end up spending more than the $42 that the cake costs. But it was fun as heck!

I think after I finish my rag tag cake, I’ll be going back to the real stuff though. Less work, more reward.

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