Dominique Ansel’s Unlimited Possibilities (U.P.)

Domnique Ansel’s Kitchen launched a passion project called Unlimited Possibilities, or U.P.

For their first iteration, they are focusing on a dessert tasting of “firsts,” as in the first moments of your life that evoke memory and emotion.

I will try to give you all a taste without revealing too much, since this is as much entertainment as it is food.

First, we were greeted by D.A.’s team. Everyone’s very nice and encourages questions, pictures, and geotagging.

Photo Sep 19, 7 39 05 PM

The space was small and intimate with 8 seats and a hanging table.

Photo Sep 19, 7 40 04 PM

Starter: Vegetables and butter. I think this is kind of strange, but given that we didn’t have a proper dinner beforehand, it was very welcome.

Photo Sep 19, 7 40 38 PM

What’s this? A watermelon for ANTS?! It was a “watermelon” the size of a big grape, and the inside was like a real sized prickly cucumber. Very TARDIS and Zoolander all at once. I loved it. Where do a get a little plant of miniature watermelon that are full sized cucumbers on the inside?

Photo Sep 19, 7 46 47 PM

Photo Sep 19, 7 46 54 PM

First word 7/10: Me and my date’s first words. Cutting out the marshmallow words looked like hard work. Good thing no one said “Caddywompus!”

I loved that the first words were in a cereal bowl-like bowl with different textured carrot and sweet pea goodies! It really reminded me of childhood.

Photo Sep 19, 7 56 53 PM

Photo Sep 19, 7 56 58 PM

First kiss 9/10: This was my favorite course. It was served in an almost sexual egg shaped bowl. After experimenting your way through the raspberry and white chocolate decoration on top, you have a delicious surprise inside. One might say the technique is quite French.

Photo Sep 19, 8 05 53 PM

First time living on your own: 6/10 This was inspired by D.A.’s first meal on his own, which was pasta a la carbonara. Aggressive. Since this is a dessert course, it is full of surprises, and nothing is as it seems, not even that egg looking yolk. It was delightful and sweet, but I can’t help but think perhaps… instant ramen makes more sense for most people?

Photo Sep 19, 8 06 24 PM

Very cute sangria with candy striped straws to go with the first home cooked meal course. I’m quite sure I was not macerating fruit into wine for my first meal, but it was fun and delicious.

Photo Sep 19, 8 13 53 PM

First heartbreak: 9/10 in the form of a “He loves me, he loves me not” daisy. This was most entertaining. It’s attractive to romantics and psychopaths (especially pyromaniacs alike), and make for an interactive dining experience.

Photo Sep 19, 8 15 32 PM

Watch it burn!!

Photo Sep 19, 8 16 02 PM

I hope I’m not giving too much away, because this is all over the internet.

Photo Sep 19, 8 18 26 PM

I let mine flame all the way around and I had no more meringues left to eat! But thank god I’m happily married, and my husband’s first heartbreak wasn’t as scorched earth. Save yourself some delicious meringue daisy petals!

And like a lot of heartbreaks, the pain is alleviated by the ball of ice cream in the middle.

Photo Sep 19, 8 26 32 PM

How sweet! The chef gave us flowers after the first heartbreak.

Photo Sep 19, 8 26 49 PM

Orchids with shiso sorbet. 7/10. How can you turn down the cleansing lightness of shiso sorbet?

Photo Sep 19, 8 28 14 PM

Orchids are not edible btw. Not even a little bit. It does not taste like food.

Photo Sep 19, 8 31 13 PM

Ah! Our lives are back on course, and we received urgent mail… which would only mean our

First job. 5/10

Photo Sep 19, 8 31 33 PM

Very cute presentation. There were caramels, ganaches, malts, and feulletines. It’s all very playful and fun.

Photo Sep 19, 8 32 20 PM

Here’s a closeup of the graph.

Photo Sep 19, 8 41 16 PM

First fine dining experience: 8/10 A raspberry and chocolate mousse in the shape of a beef wellington. I thought this was just an overall delicious desert. Like the first home cooked meal, I don’t really remember my first fine dining experience. I guess that’s why despite my obsession with food, I’m not in the culinary industry.

Photo Sep 19, 8 41 20 PM

I mean, I can’t even remember my food long enough to take a photo before digging into it. This was my plate. I had to post the picture of my husband’s plate!

Photo Sep 19, 8 48 01 PM

10 points for anyone who can figure out the next first without the final picture.

Photo Sep 19, 8 48 06 PM

Clearly it involved a lollipop.

Photo Sep 19, 8 48 19 PM

First dance: 7/10 Your first dance may or may not have involved a lollipop or ballet, but this presentation was great. This was my husband favorite course – strawberries and mascarpone.

Photo Sep 19, 8 53 26 PM

Photo Sep 19, 8 56 41 PM

As for our last “first”, we were presented with

The Next First: 7/10 Sugar plum, sake ice, and lychee. It was light and refreshing. Happily, it was one of the lightest courses, as the last course should be.

The whole meal was fun and enjoyable. Each dish was well thought out and had a mix of different textures and elements but were not tied down by its complexity.

Photo Sep 19, 9 41 51 PM

If you and your special someone have a sweet tooth, I think this is a great fun date.

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