I Found You, My Little Carabineros

After going to Lupulo, I’ve been wondering about these shrimp that cost $14 each. These tasty little carabineros.

They have been haunting my dreams.

So imagine my delight when I bumped into them at the market! They were (ONLY?!) $14 for 3. I guess this is not an abnormal ratio for food in restaurants. The three bright red streaks were sitting at the top of the mound of ice. “Give me five!” I said, but the man behind the counter shook his head. He only had three. Blasted living in New York City, the double edged sword of being exposed to such decadent foods, and yet having to fight the masses to have access.

Photo Aug 15, 12 30 50 PM


The head of the carabineros are filled with the essence of the ocean. So if you like your seafood tasting like fresh seaweed, then cook with it on. If you like it tasting mild, then take the head off.

Photo Aug 15, 12 31 52 PM

Like most seafood, these require very little cooking. I heated some garlic infused olive oil, and put the shrimp in. I then sprinkled them with coarse sea salt on each side.

Photo Aug 15, 12 35 24 PM

They were done in about 1.5-2 minutes per side. I was worried that with the bright red exterior, it would be hard to tell when they were cooked. But the shell became translucent, and the shrimp curled a little they were done.

Photo Aug 15, 12 52 20 PM

Look at that juice!! I was running amok looking for a baguette to soak it up. The meat was small, but oh so tender. It had the flavor of lobster, but was much more delicate. American macaroon: French macaron :: Lobster:Carabinero. If you don’t understand what just happened, it means that you never took the old SATs. Ha!

Photo Aug 15, 12 52 23 PM

I shucked all the shrimp so that I could eat all three without interruption! This would have been over $45 with tax at Lupulo! Unbelievable!

If I didn’t know that I could find them at the market, I probably would have gone back to the restaurant. On second thought, I probably would have started a fish tank to grow shrimp.

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