Soft Shell Crab

Soft Shell Crab is a delicacy that’s usually enjoyed in the spring/summer, but sometimes you might get lucky and find a few stragglers at the store.

I was taking a stroll through the seafood section at the Lobster Place, and I saw some beautifully colored soft shell crabs. They didn’t look like they were at their softest, but they were quite plump for the late season.

Photo Sep 13, 5 33 53 PM

I asked the shop to clean them for me. It’s not hard, but I didn’t want to deal with the crab waste. You just take a pair of shears and cut off the eyes side about 1/4 inch in, which is its face; and then you flip it on its back, open up the triangle piece, and cut that off.

Photo Sep 13, 5 34 00 PM

See? No face. The face is not edible. But having these holes also allows liquid to come out, and there’s lots of liquid in these guys. They are usually fried in some way, so you have to be VERY VERY careful.

Photo Sep 13, 5 35 48 PM

Some seasoning

Photo Sep 13, 5 37 59 PM

A flour dusting

Photo Sep 13, 5 46 16 PM

Then they are pan fried for 2 minutes on each side. Watch out for splatter!! These guys can explode if you use too much oil. They are filled with oozy crab juice.

Photo Sep 13, 5 47 54 PM

Perfect for a little pre-dinner snack.

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