Humarhofnin Iceland

The place that is called “Langoustines of Hofn” appropriately rates highest on Tripadvisor for being *the* place to eat langoustines in Hofn.

Photo Apr 12, 2 50 44 PM

The town of Hofn seems to be teeming with langoutines. They are on every menu. It’s not surprising since the town is a little peninsula right where they are fished. There must be something about being so close to the biggest icecap in Europe, Vatnajokull. If you visit in late June/early July, you might even catch their annual lobster/langoustine (Humarninn) festival.
Photo Apr 12, 2 50 25 PMThe restaurant is right at the tip of the peninsula. This is what the little sign said:
The menu said 300g of tails and 150g of whole langoustines for 8400ISK, which is about 68USD. Your other choices are 300g of tails or 450g of whole langoustine for about 7500ISK. They also have langoustine pizza, which seems like an inefficient way to consume langoustines.
Photo Apr 12, 1 54 35 PM
The decor was very nice. There are lots of interesting pieces of art and small pots of herbs all around.
I ordered the first choice with the mix of langoustine tails and whole langoustines. I have no idea what a gram was because I use the kitchen scale like a crutch, so I was delighted to find out that I got 1 whole langoustine and a whopping SEVEN tails.
It was basically meat from EIGHT langoustines. I’m screaming because this was the first time that Iceland food was cheaper than American food. In the US it might cost more than 68 dollars raw!
Photo Apr 12, 2 15 56 PM
They came with a fish shaped lemon crusher. So funny. The langoustines were boldly seasoned with paprika and spices and then grilled until the meat was perfectly moist. They didn’t stick to the shell! All of the platters come with an aioli type sauce and a black magic sauce that has some asian sweet and tangy flavors.
Photo Apr 12, 2 45 07 PM
Did I mention there were eight?
Photo Apr 12, 2 49 24 PM
We ordered some turf to go with the surf to even out the meal. Icelandic lamb was the steak of Iceland, so that’s what we got.
The meal was a 9.8/10. I’m a little worried about how many langoustines a person can really eat. We shared the big platter between two people, and I could feel it. You know, that seafood stupor that makes your face numb. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you have consumed so much cholesterol that the arteries on your face are clogging up. However if you are driving through in Iceland, you absolutely should not miss the opportunity to have some of the best and freshest langoustines ever.
Photo Apr 12, 3 01 06 PM
Instead of spending more money on dessert, we went back to the hotel and topped it off with a caramel cheesecake that we found in a grocery store earlier in the day. Because cholesterol from cheese and cream is different than cholesterol from meat?! This is why I didn’t go to medical school. I don’t need to be flooded by the guilt from inconvenient realities.

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